Beginning of the LPG activity

The Epic Barnes gas ship made its first stop at Tanger Med port on March 5th, 2017 and was charged with 3972 cubic meters of butane gas. The unloading was carried out through the pipes connecting the discharge station to the storage area.

A 2nd ship, the Navigator Grace, docked at the Tanger Med Port, on March 19th, 2017 and marked the first commercial operation of the PP2 dock. The ship discharged 5,000 cubic metres of Norwegian butane.

Completion of the new administrations building

The redevelopment works of the administration building, formerly used as a Maritime Station before its relocation to Tanger Med Port Center, have been completed.

Covering an area of 3000 m², the building was redesigned to house public administration and authorities including DGSN (Directorate General of Public Security), the ADII (Customs and Indirect Tax Authority), and the Royal Gendarmerie. Tanger Med port is home to a police district, a regional customs division, a Local Authority district and other administrative and security services operating at the port.

Commissioning of the new access for employees and users of the Tanger Med port As part of the improvement of access conditions to Tanger Med’s port, a new employee and user access to PTM1 was commissioned in January 2017.
All personnel transports and light vehicles «except LV carrying FREIGHT» must now use this new access exclusively whatever their destination within the port. Access through GATE 1 is reserved for FREIGHT units and pedestrians accessing administration offices and is located in the entry lock.