Fipar-Holding is a flexible firm able to position itself quickly to take advantage of investment opportunities.
Fipar-Holding enjoys sectoral expertise and a proven track record in structuring major projects (business, relationships, financial, legal, tax, etc.).
Neutrality and role as a trusted third party
Fipar-Holding, affiliated to the CDG Group, has the ability to mobilise and to gather the various partners and public authorities in order to initiate and develop major projects in Morocco, whether promoted by national or international operators.
Support over the medium and long term
Fipar-Holding is convinced that value creation is only possible if it is based on support provided over the medium and long term. Its status as an investment firm enables it to invest over much lengthier time spans than traditional investment funds.
Implementation & respect of the best practices
Fipar-Holding attaches great importance to complying with best practices in the areas of corporate governance and social and environmental responsibility, ensuring success for its companies over the long term.