Confirmed demand represents 2.9 times the offer for issued bond

TMSA concluded on March 17th, 2017 the bond issue started on March 15th, 2017 of its subsidiary TM2
SA for the financing of Tanger Med II port.

This bond issue of 2.275 billion dirhams was oversubscribed 2.9 times with an aggregate demand of
6.579 billion dirhams from a wide range of investors (around twenty) of different profiles.

The Tanger Med II Port represents an overall investment in infrastructure carried out by TMSA of 14 billion dirhams which comprises the completion of 4.6 km and 2.8 km of quays. It is the third development phase of the Tanger Med port’s complex.

Tanger Med II will add two new container terminals with an additional annual handling capacity of 6
million containers in addition to the annual capacity of 3 million containers of the Tanger Med I.

The conclusion of this transaction confirms the interest and trust of investors in the financial strength
and development prospects of Tanger Med.

The bond issuing are carried out by a consortium of banks: CDG Capital, Attijari Finance Corp and
Upline Corporate Finance.