Notorious operator in the chemical industry in Morocco, the “Société Chérifienne et de Produits chimiques” has been active for more than 95 years in the production and distribution of chemical products for industry and agriculture. Since its scission realized in December 2018, SCE gave birth to SCE chemicals that is now pursuing the adventure initiated in 1923. The main products and markets of SCE Chemicals are for water treatment, detergence, agribusiness, automotive and agriculture. SCE Chemicals has committed to an ambitious development plan including :
  • New products development for hygiene and detergence through both the construction of new plant facilities at Jorf Lasfar and new commercial partnerships;
  • Strengthening its positions in Morocco and its industrial and commercial efficiencies;
  • Developing export activities in order to prepare the ground for its upcoming subsidiary in sub-Saharan Africa.
With a full awareness of both its competitive advantages and the market opportunities, SCE Chemicals aims at keeping a profitable and an environment friendly growth.