Fipar-Holding is an active and committed minority financial investor whose goal is to initiate and accelerate the development of major projects in Morocco.

Through its affiliation with the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG), a public financial institution considered to be the country’s main investor, and as a neutral and a trusted third-party, Fipar-Holding implements the values of the CDG Group in its investment decisions: Performance, Innovation, Synergy and Responsibility.

The objective of Fipar-Holding is to assist Moroccan private and public companies to become benchmark players, both domestically and internationally. Fipar-Holding also provides assistance to international groups seeking to establish operations and/or develop their business in Morocco, primarily through its affiliation with the CDG Group, via its comprehensive understanding of the local market and partners and through its network of contacts.

Fipar-Holding has taken the decision to commit to sustainable relationships with its partners, by adopting a supportive, dynamic, pragmatic and constructive approach.

Fipar-Holding offers all of its expertise, energy, resources and network in order to maximise the growth potential of its partner companies.