A strategic partner

Fipar-Holding is totally engaged in the governing bodies of its portfolio companies as an active strategic partner – not only as a financial investor.

  • Its investment horizon enables Fipar-Holding to achieve its mission as an active investor by encouraging regular operational and strategic dialogue between shareholders and management and through its involvement in major strategic decisions.
Value creator

Fipar-Holding aspires to be a value creator partner for its investments, with its contribution covering 4 main areas:

  • Shareholders’ structure institutionalization :
    • Positive impact in terms of brand image ;
    • Optimization of project structuration ;
    • Easing of possible operations and transactions on financial markets ;
    • Securing the company’s development .
  • Contribution in terms of expertise : governance, organization… ;
  • Activation of synergies’ potentials between current investments and CDG Group and its partners.
A preferred interlocutor for companies
  • Fipar-Holding assists national and international operators (i) to establish growth in Morocco, (ii) to develop export activities, (iii) to ease development notably via internal and/or external growth operations, and (iv) to enhance their competitiveness.
  • Fipar-Holding is a preferred interlocutor between the companies in which it invests and the companies of the CDG Group. For example, it is able to facilitate the acquisition of premises (industrial platforms, offices, offshoring, etc.) and to provide support for financing, construction and the development of commercial and strategic synergies.
Savings and Pension Funds:


MAD 97 billion of deposits at 31/12/2015

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