Since its acquisition by the CDG Group in September 2003, Fipar-Holding has restructured its equity portfolio and has set up an investment strategy based on establishing a real cooperation with partner companies over the medium and long term horizon.

This strategy is designed to provide active support for both national operators promoting major projects and international operators seeking to establish a presence or develop strategic partnerships in Morocco.

Fipar-Holding invests in all stages of the corporate life cycle (creation, development and maturity), generally in the form of equity capital.

In addition to capital contributions and providing expertise, Fipar-Holding is an investor that creates value, by helping to create synergies between the various parties, namely the equity portfolio companies, the CDG Group and its partners.

With its presence in the governing bodies of the equity portfolio companies, Fipar-Holding strives to develop the best practices, and to promote its values of performance, innovation as well as corporate & social responsibility.

Fipar-Holding has enjoyed rapid growth over recent years thanks to major equity transactions such as Medi Telecom, Renault Tanger Méditerranée and Tanger Med Port Authority, making Fipar-Holding a key player in the Moroccan private equity sector.

Acting both directly and via mandates managed on behalf of CDG, Fipar-Holding positions itself today as a benchmark investment firm with 15 major holdings in manufacturing, infrastructure and services, with a total equity assets valued at 8 billion dirhams*.

Our motto is the same as our parent company: Creating the Morocco of the future…


*as of September 30,2018