• Large companies/major projects
  • Multi-sector investment, excluding sectors in which the CDG Group operates (real estate, tourism…) and sectors that are not compliant with the values of the CDG Group
  • Intervention during the various stages of the corporate life cycle (start-up, growth, maturity…)
  • However, Fipar-Holding excludes takeovers of companies in difficulty
Investment ticket
  • MMAD 100 minimum per project (subject to the Investment Committee’s approval), with a minority stake position
Asset classes
  • Equity, mainly and ideally unlisted and based in Morocco
  • Quasi-Equity eventually
Financial return
  • Fipar-Holding seeks profitability levels based on a medium and long term partnership
Active investor
  • Active participation in the governing bodies of partner companies
  • Active presence in the board of directors, strategy committee, audit committee, appointments & remunerations committee…
  • A strategic partner and not only a financial partner: active and supportive partnership in terms of support, value creation and synergies